Sire Genetics

Wilson & Wilson Brangus emphasizes total performance through the use of proven Herd sires. The original genetic package featured the mating of Exacto of Brinks/ Update of Brinks with Champ 533 and GGC Texas Impact 135/X4. Texas Impact 135/X4, in his prime, was top in the Breed for weaning weight and yearling weight EPD's. We have continued to strive to improve upon the consistency/uniformity of these genetics by using the service of our own bred and raised sires, while introducing sires from some of our most respected fellow brangus breeders . We have crossed these base genetics with the service of JLS Lucky 789N, JLS Falcon 915T18, JLS Revenue 748W2, JLS Presidente 915A22, JLS Scout 915C11, DANNS Newsmaker 1/N4, JG60 Classic Star 314, JG Mr Black Stealth 5114, JG Mr 607 Tender,  Farris Tonto 155S, Farris Tonto 15S4, Farris Network 19D, SF Lambert 75Y8, WAT Magnum 99Y45, BH Presidente 50-42, and most notably RCC Patriot 1252Y...the 2013 show bull of the year.

Maternal Genetics

In our cowherd, we stress milking ability and total performance. Our cows are expected to calve regularly with the calving season being condensed to approximately 90 days. Seventy percent of all calves will be born within the first 45 days of calving. This has been accomplished by natural breeding without the use of hormone synchronization. Once calved, the cow is nutritionally maintained with forage and protein supplementation attempting to bring a 600 weight calve to weaning at 205 days of age. This is done without the help of creep feed or calve supplementation as to further prove the dams maternal abilities.  Some of our more noteable cow families include 915, 462, 200 and 189.


The recent addition of LM Mr Cash 793/949 and IH Mr Bar 820E8 have proven to be successful with their progeny being well received by our customers. We are extremely excited to introduce our latest Jr. Herd Sire additions:  W&WB Scout 225/G, W&WB Osprey 410/E5, W&WB Maliki 8/H19 and W&WB Renegade 32/H.