Birth to Weaning

All of our calves are identified and tagged  within 24 hours of birth. From birth to weaning the calves must rely on their dam and the natural pasture for nutrition. Our philosophy has been to supplement the cow in terms of forage and protein with the goal of producing enough milk to wean a 600# plus calf and yet maintain enough body condition to breed back within our condensed calving season of approximately 90 days. The weaning weights recorded are truly ON DAM WITHOUT THE USE OF CREEP FEED. These calves are weaned in contemporary groups consisting of similar age/pasture at weaning. At this time, calves are  evaluated, weighed, culled and our vaccination protocol is administered.

Weaning to Yearling

From this point on the bulls are hand fed daily while they graze on coastal Bermuda pastures. We feed a ration that will allow a gain of 2.5 lbs to 3 lbs per day. These animals are not put on full feed and have not been “gain tested” on self feeders. With that said, our goal is for each bull to reach approximately 1000 lbs yearling weight. We know by changing the feeding program and philosophy, our yearling weights could be increased significantly. We however feel that it is in the long term interest of the animal and the customer to develop these calves slowly believing they will be better equipped to maintain their body composition when placed in the day to day working conditions of traveling and breeding cattle. At 12 months of age, the bulls are weighed, de-wormed and re-evaluated.

Yearling to Sale

From 12 months to sale date, the bulls are basically treated identically as they have been shortly after weaning, hand fed, with adequate pasture for grazing for steady development. We do not offer any bulls for sale prior to the animal reaching 16 months of age. This is done so that we may offer a Breeding Soundness Guarantee and have confidence that the calf has matured to an age that we feel he will be able to work moderately, and still maintain fleshing without having to be pampered.

Sale Experience

90% of our bulls are sold private treaty at the ranch. We invite you to come and experience our relaxed approach to purchasing cattle private treaty. With advance notice of your arrival, we will have the entire potential sale candidates penned and grouped for your evaluation. At this time we will provide you with performance data, current EPD's,  pedigree and general back ground of each animal. When possible, we will offer you the opportunity to see and evaluate the bull’s dam and sire. We do consign to association sales which currently include the West Texas Brangus Breeders, Hill Country Brangus Breeders and the Texas Brangus Breeders Association. We encourage you to contact us for these sale dates and look forward to visiting with you at theses events.


The bulls sold are guaranteed to pass a Breeding Soundness Exam. Due to the nature/timing of private treaty sales, we have the fertiltiy test performed when the animal is selected. This is done so that you have the most current evaluation possible. Anytime a bull has been tested and found to be unfit for breeding, we will refund your money or replace the animal in question with another bull of your choice.